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Welcome to Podium Bound123 Apparel and custom sportswear,

We are located in Los Angeles, California and we create and distributed all types of sportswear including t-shirts, to Polo shirts,  hats and other apparel. For the past several years our focus has been on sub-laminate sportswear for running, cycling and swimming. We have designed and distributed custom sportswear for charity events, large companies, team events as well as smaller orders for individuals who have a message. 

​We can help you from the start of the design of your project to the final print and delivery of your items.

​We are a small company that is focused on doing everything right the first time in order to save you time and money and able to adapt to your company or personal needs.

If you are viewing this information from a mobile device please select the "White Box with Lines" which is the Menu. If you are using a desk top please use items on the above tool bar.

To purchase any of our items just select the "SHOP" button and select the item, size and quantity.

Menu items Include:

About the Company: information page.

How to Buy: Payment types, shipping and other information

Shop: - Where you can order and purchase Items. 

Gallery: A small collection of pictures of items and customers.

FAQ & Info-

Contact Us- mailing address, phone numbers, e-mails.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as we value you and your suggestions and we look forward to bringing your message and ideas to fabric. 

Thank You,

Podium Bound 123

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