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Thank you Fly Tri Angels for your orders.

The store has closed and all items have been ordered and all sales are final.

Delivery date is 7/21/21 or sooner.

We will swim, pedal and run with you soon!


FTA Logo from Drawbag 6-5-21.JPG
1 Shorts
2 Short Sleeve FTA
3 Tri Shorts Purple
4 FTA FB SS Shirt 6-5-21.JPG
5 FTA Tri Shorts Blue 6-5-21.JPG
6 FTA FB Racerback 6-5-21.JPG
8 FTA Tri Jersey FB 6-5-21.JPG
Wrist Bands 6-5-21.JPG
10 fB sleeveless tri suit 6-5-21.JPG
12 Bacl Vlunteer shirt 6-5-21.JPG
Sports Bottle 6-5-21.JPG
fTA drawstring back 6-5-21.JPG
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